Service Rates


Onsite/Remote Service

$100/hr, billed in 6-min increments (0.1 hr) after minimum

Remote: 1/2 hr
Onsite: 1 hr*

*Onsite is billed from when travel commences until we leave site (one-way only)

Bench Service

Regular Rate       $80/hr
(for anything that doesn't fall under a 'flat rate' service below)

Flat-rate Services
$ 50      PC/Laptop Setup
$160      Operating System Reload (with data backup/restore)   
$ 80      Operating System Reload (no data)                              
$ 60      Data backup or transfer (one-way)

Looking for discounts?

Our managed-service plans offer discounts of up to 20% off our onsite/remote rate.  In addition, when on our service plan there is no 'Remote' minimum, and the Onsite minimum is cut down to 1/2 an hour!  And that's on top of the great services we are able to provide.  If you're not ready to sign on for a service plan, you can pre-purchase blocks of hours for a 10% discount (starting at 10 hours).

Further clarification of off-hour rates, emergency/priority pricing, availability, service times and more can be found in our service agreement.  Please contact our office to obtain a copy.