July Promotion: Quick 'n Clean

For the rest of the month of July, we are offering a great deal on our PC "Quick 'n Clean" special!

Normal price: $99 for the first PC and $59 for each one after that.

SALE PRICE: $49 for the first PC and just $29 for each one after that.


So what exactly is this "Quick 'n Clean" anyway?  Here's the checklist of what gets done:

  • PC/laptop "dust out" to keep the air flowing and prevent overheating (a real computer killer!)
  • Typical PC service including Windows Updates, cleanup of temp files, virus/malware scan, remove unnecessary software
  • Update 3rd party software (think Java, Adobe, etc) and review browser add-ons and extensions
  • Review event log for errors indicating performance issues, as well as potential failures that haven't happened yet.
  • Basic backup and protection analysis
  • Hardware analysis to see if there are issues with hardware causing slowdowns

Finally, after we are done you get a detailed system report on each computer, along with our analysis of that report indicating it's current health and recommended actions (if any).

Please note the fine print (limitations) for this deal:

  • Comox Valley and Campbell River businesses only (home PCs are not included)
  • This deal is priced based on our ability to work on multiple PCs at a time, going back and forth, so please schedule for a slow time when your team does not need full-time access to their computers.
  • Our tools and utilities work well on systems that are simply in need of a tune-up.  If any of your PCs are suffering from instability or other issues, we will offer to resolve the problems, however the fixes will have to be billed separately at our regular rates.
  • Service must be booked by July 31st, 2017 for no later than August 15th, 2017.