Northrock Technologies is focused on providing high-quality technology services for small businesses in the Comox Valley.  Some of our primary functions include:


Networks form the backbone of today's small business.  From servers to workstations, firewalls to switches to access points, we can help your business in all phases - design, implementation, maintenance, troubleshooting and replacement.

Email and Communications

Email and associated programs (calendaring, contacts, task management) is the primary communication system for organizations of all size. Whether your organization hosts its own, uses Google Apps or Office 365, or uses another system, we have the experience and the knowledge to provide reliable support for you and your team.


While we do not have a comprehensive retail product line, we do have all the essentials in-stock to cover any of your businesses immediate requirements, and for everything else we have next-day availability of just about any part your system could need.  We have established trade partners and can often get you equipment at the same price as the box stores in town.