The Team

We are currently a small, but committed, crew. Though we will be looking to expand in the near future, we are currently enjoying the extra room in the office before things get too crowded!   

Matt - Headshot2.jpg

Matt Behrens {Senior Tech}

With over a decade of experience in the technology field, Matt has seen the industry from many angles, giving him an eye for the big picture. Focusing a significant portion of that time serving small businesses in the Comox Valley, Matt prides himself on being able to provide the service and solutions that are necessary for the task at hand. 

Matt is the founder of Northrock Technologies, and looks forward to decades more of serving the many organizations within the Comox Valley and beyond.


Jay Koidhis {Senior Tech}

Jay has been providing I.T. service in a variety of capacities across Western Canada over the past 15 years.  He has a knack for being able to get the job done quickly and efficiently, at the same time providing attentive and client-focused service.

Jay's experience and overall good-nature make him an invaluable member of our team and is one of the foundations on which Northrock is building it's reputation on.

Joining us in 2017, Jay had an immediate impact on our ability to provide more reliable service.  Jay looks forward to many years of providing top service to our many valuable clients.


Max Rein {Junior Tech}

Max began his technology ventures as a member of a team implementing a Shop Floor Control module of an Enterprise Resource Planning System for an international manufacturer in California. That put a spark in his eye, convincing him to earn his Masters in Software Engineering and launched a new career in software development.  

Max has been with us since August, 2016 and is excited about providing top notch service while continuing to expand his skill set in the fields of networking and hardware.